Down A Country Road

Welcome to the Heart of Amish Country

Down A Country Road, deep in the heart of scenic West Central Wisconsin,
lies a quiet community known to the local folks as Amish Country USA.

Down a Country Road takes you back in time to a quieter, simpler way of
life, where a buggy and colorful quilts airing on a clothesline are not
uncommon sights. This is one of the Amish largest settlements in Wisconsin.

The Amish began to settle in this area in 1966, and have rapidly grown in
population in the midst of modern life.

Beyond the images of horse and buggy and plain clothing, lies a rich and complex way of life.

The Amish Way Of Life

The Amish have established a way of life based on their concept of Christian
Humility that has been successful for many generations. Their communities
are both prosperous and lively, rooted in faith in God, family, tradition and hard work.

One room schools, barn raisings, quilting bees, and Sunday services in the
home are just a few of the ways the Amish keep the family unit strong.

It is this intriguing way of life that has lead many tourists Down A Country Road.

Join Us!

Chuck and Kathy Kuderer, along with their children Jenny, Jason, Jeremy,
and Janessa are a non Amish family. They live on a farm in the heart of
Amish Country USA, which is the site of the Amish Gift Shop & Tour
Service. The Gift Shop itself was built by the Amish and is filled
with hand-crafted Amish treasures.

You will also delight in another gift shop. The Little Red Shed, which was
built on the farm in 1905 and was renovated to accommodate country crafts and gifts.

We are located at the foot of the hill just two miles East of Cashton
Wisconsin, on a corner along State Highway 33. Come visit us! Take a tour
of the Amish community, and get a glimpse of this unique way of life.
Then browse our gift shop and take home a sampling of the hand-crafted
Amish goods. From quilts, dolls, wall hangings, and baskets to furniture
and much more...we promise that you will not be disappointed.

Look at the gifts we offer!Take a personal guided Tour with us!Request Information

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